Here are my commission prices for various art styles. If you want me to do something outside these styles or have a question feel free to ask. I charge about $15 an hour. If you want a commission message me on twitter @jadeivyfox

Message me your info. I'll ask about details then send you my paypal link100% of payment is required upfrontI will send a sketch wip. If you sign off on it I will finish the piece.once the wip is accepted I will not accept any refund requests
-Once it's finished I will send a mediafire link of the full sized image and post the image to social media (unless otherwise specified)

The Terms of Service

I won't draw NSFW of minors, or anything pedophilicIf you need the art done by a certain date please mention it before commissioning meextreme detail will cost extra. (Robotics, very long braided hair)I will do my best with things outside my wheelhouse, but I make no guarantees. (animals, scenery, robotics)
You must credit me when using the artIf you want to use my art for something that earns money you need to contact me so we can make a proper agreement-I retain rights to use the art as a portfolio piece unless otherwise specified
-don't edit my art. Ask if you have a small thing you want to change, ie Hair color.


A large painterly style illustration with a simple/lightly detailed background.

--FULLBODY $350--

+$100-$200 Detailed BG
+$40-$90 Weapon

--HALFBODY $300--

+$60-$200 Detailed BG
+$40-$90 Weapon

--CHIBI $250--

+$100 Very extreme BG details
+$free Detailed bg/pet/weapon


I can design a character for you. Give me a description of their personality and a general idea of their style and I will create a design for you. Comes in a sketchy style with a white BG. For extra I can take the sketch and refine it into an Anime Fullbody.

--FULLBODY $100--

+$90 Polished version

--CHIBI $90--

+$80 Polished Anime
+$60 Polished LG Pixel


Lined anime style art. You can chose to have black or colored lines depending on your preference. Comes with a simple BG and Transparent version. You can chose between original or color block style.



--FULLBODY $150--

+$50-100 detailed BG
+$40-100 Weapon
+$40-100 pet

--HALFBODY $120--

+$50-100 detailed BG
+$30-90 Weapon
+$30-90 pet

--FACE / ICON $80--

--CHIBI $100--

+$30-80 detailed BG
+$20 Weapon
+$25-40 pet


Comes with a simple background and transparent version. You can also get an optional ground platform for them to stand on.

Large style $70

+$25 for a pet
+$40-60 Detailed BG

Medium style $50

+$20 short animation (Blinking, floating, ect)
+$20 for a pet
+$30-50 Detailed BG

Small style $40

+$20 short animation (Blinking, floating, ect)
+$15 for a pet
+$15-30 Detailed BG

Asset Sheet $150

A sheet of pixel png objects. Perfect for game sprites or lipsync models. If you only need certain sizes the sheet contents can be negotiated.

-1 base character, XL asset, OR Background
-15 small assets (eyes, mouths, plants, icons)
-5 medium (Pants, shirts, pets, weapons, crates, windows, tillable textures)
-3 Large assets (platforms, buildings

+$5 per small
+$15 per medium
+$30 per large
+$?? Very large (depends on details)